Motherboards and PCs

Whenever you take your PC to a repair shop or to anyone for it to be updated, you will always hear them mention the motherboard but what is the motherboard? To find out more precise details you can go to websites like but basically it is the heart of a PC, the main item which all the other parts link into. Sometimes some of these parts are referred to as daughter boards and hence the name motherboard. As it is the motherboard that links all the other parts to one another, it is obviously very important and can make a huge difference to the efficiency and effectiveness of the PC on the whole.

When building their own PC, most people will start out by getting an appropriate motherboard and then adding the other parts they want, ensuring that they are compatible to the motherboard. When doing this though, they will usually take into consideration as to whether they want the PC for gaming purposes or for other purposes as some motherboards are more suitable as a gaming board than others.

For a layman to look at a motherboard they will just see a lot of different connection points and most of those connection points are different but that is because each one has its own unique function. In order to fully understand a motherboard, you must therefore understand what the different connections are for. Some of course are for connecting the power whilst another will be for connecting the RAM and that particular one may have several options, allowing you to increase or reduce the amount of RAM you have. Other connections may be for sound boards whilst others for video boards but each of course are only effective if the right connection is made.

Although it may seem complicated, if you have a copy of the layout of a motherboard complete with each connection labeled, it becomes easier and even a relatively non-technical person could probably make the right connections once they know what each of the individual other parts are.

The motherboard is therefore perhaps the main and most important part of any PC and it is also the part which the internet will connect to and so if the motherboard is in any way damaged, many computer repair people will recommend getting a new PC as often a new motherboard can cost almost as much as a new PC and so may be a viable, more satisfactory option. Basically though if you are buying a motherboard, you want to ensure that it has enough of the right type of connections for what you want to use it for and as a rule of thumb, it is generally recommended that you buy one with more of what you need, than you need as that would allow for improvements at a later date should they be needed.

If you are paying money for any PC or even a motherboard, it is you that knows what it will be used for and so it is you that is best suited to deciding which the best is for you.