Do Something About Your Drug Bust

If you’ve recently been caught and jailed for a while by the police or some other type of law-enforcement agency, plus are pending trial, you should prepare for when you’ll be tasked to appear to court. That’s because you’re a suspected drug user or pusher. It’s illegal to consume and peddle illicit substances because they’ve been tested and proven to be dangerous for human consumption due to their chemical components and therefore the possible harm that they can do to men and women. Whether the methamphetamine, marijuana or the likes that you were caught with was intended for recreation or income generation, do take note that being in possession of such things is heavily frowned upon and treated as illegal.

When you’d be proven to have the intent to sell, you may be incarcerated for a really long time. If it would be decided by the jury that your possession was because you’re a user then you may be allowed to undergo this rehabilitation program so that you’d reform. Of the two things mentioned, of course, the latter is quite beneficial since through so you’d be able to retain your freedom.

Now, how do you manage to give the court’s judge and the people of the jury the impression that you’re just a user, regardless of your true intention on why you possessed what you were caught with? What would happen and how do you lessen your sentence if you’d be caught with a highly illegal drug? For some answers to such questions, read more.

Basically, your sentence later on would depend on the nature of your possession plus the type of drug that you were caught to have. As mentioned by professional lawyers and other experts in the field of criminal law, being caught with cocaine would result to an immediate felony and let you have a criminal record. Plus, such can land you in jail and have you incarcerated for at least one year in jail. Of course, there’s also huge fines like thousands of dollars that would most likely be imposed on you as part of your punishment.

As for marijuana, according to the law, you do have the chance to only pay a fine of about one hundred dollars and ordered to attend a drug education program. This means that you could have a clean record when the court would see your illegal activity as a mere infraction. Still, there are so much to consider and too many specifics to mention. To help you not have a criminal record or at least have reduced forms of punishments, you ought to look for a professional attorney to represent you in court.

Being in possession of illicit drugs is considered a crime but you won’t really have to be sent to jail after you’ve been caught to have some on you. If you’ve been caught with something that’s severely frowned upon like methamphetamine then you may be greatly fined, jailed and then asked to do community service but it doesn’t automatically mean that you’d have the harshest penalties after trial. After your drug bust, you should contact a criminal defense attorney los angeles who specializes in drug crimes so that you could possibly get out of the mess that you’re in or have bearable punishment as a convicted offender of the law.

With a lawyer, you’d be familiar of the how prosecutions are done, the different options that you could try to help yourself in court and some of the statements that may aid you in defending yourself well during trial.