Designing Websites

When it comes to designing a website, as there is software like WordPress available today which can help, many people opt to design their own websites. Is designing your own website a good idea though or not?

Although a website can easily be designed today with the help of WordPress, if that website is to be effective as a marketing tool it will have to stand out from the rest and be of very high quality and that is not always the case when designed by a first-time website designer. There are however professional website designers and professional website developers that know exactly how to design a website so that it will be effective.

Unfortunately, though, not all of those professionals are very informed about when it comes to photographic websites and so if you are a photographer and would like to have your own photographic website, you may want to look elsewhere for help. Fortunately there is now software like My Photo CTO which are specifically designed to assist in the designing and maintaining of websites for photographers and as well as including certain aspects of WordPress, the software provides assistance for after the website has been launched, assisting a photographer in maintaining an effective and productive photographic website.

It is not just professional photographers that want websites today, almost every business wants its own website which is understandable but that does mean that there are literally billions of websites online and making yours stand out from the rest is a problem which marketers face today. Although often called website developers, these professionals are the modern day marketing experts but photography has always needed different marketing strategies from other types of business and so that is why the software like My Photo CTO was developed.

Any website whether it is a text website for a business or it is a photographic website will have to be made more visible on the internet if it is to be an effective marketing tool and the strategies use to make a website more visible are called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). One of the major ways in which SEO can make a website more visible is the use of keywords in its text. When a search engine is requested to do an online search, the keywords will attract its attention and in doing, encourage the engine to place that website at the top of its list of results for that search. This is very effective as, without the use of keywords, the website may have been 100th on that list meaning that it would have never been seen but with the keywords placing it at the top or at least near the top, there is a far better chance that the person requesting the search will see it and hopefully go to it. Although keywords are probably the most commonly used and most effective of the SEO strategies there are others such as pay per click (PPC) advertising or the use of backlinks from other sites.